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Handcrafted Energy Bars from Shonai, Yamagata

Nature's Simplicity in a Bar

100% Natural, No Added Sugars, Free of Gluten, Dairy & Soy

One Upon a Time in Shonai

Supporting Japan's Rural Traditions & Communities. One Bar At A Time.

Natural Energy Bars from Shonai

Welcome to Shonai: land of the Yamabushi and Japan’s hidden natural food paradise. We live and work here, growing persimmon in a tradition that dates back centuries while climbing the sacred Dewa Sanzan mountains on the weekends. Seeing the challenges of Japan’s rural communities first hand, and craving more convenient natural foods to fuel our adventures, we created the Shonai Special Energy Bar. Equally nutritious and delicious, our bars are carefully crafted with handpicked persimmon, organic sprouted brown rice, and the best whole ingredients we could find. Perfect as a nutritious snack, hiking fuel, or a quick breakfast on the go. Enjoy.

🍀No Additives 🙅‍♀️No added Sugars 🌿VEGAN-OK 🌾Made in Shonai 👌High Fiber

From Shonai To the World

Rooted in local tradition and the respect for nature that permeates the Shonai plain in Yamagata, it's a bar for anyone who seeks a delicious moment of balance and support during the day.